Pattern Limited have experience working with a range of industries.

Construction & Machinery

UK and Irish construction companies are some of the strongest internationally and the reputation of this section of the industry is second to none. In addition to the major international engineering consultancies, architecture and commercial practices regularly appear in the top rankings of world league tables.

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The mass transport sector in the UK and Ireland, which includes airports, ports, logistics and rail, enjoys a global reputation for spearheading innovation and delivering first class sustainable solutions, products and services. These range from expert consultancy through to plant and equipment and from specialist finance to regulatory reform.

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Sport & Leisure

The need to relax and unwind is vital in today’s busy society and essential for maintaining a healthy balance between work and free time. A massive part of this revolves around sport and travel, which are the main players in people’s idea of how to relax.

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Craft Trade

Many of us own craft, although we may not call it that. Perhaps a chair, a jug, a necklace, a scarf, a bowl, a kilt, a guitar, a glass flute, a tapestry, or a wedding ring. Behind each precious item is a person with an idea and the skill to bring that concept to life.

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